Guided Tours in Saint Petersburg

I can provide excursions for you to all of the interesting places of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. During your individual tour in St. Petersburg you will become acquainted with the most fascinating palaces, cathedrals and monuments of the city.
All sightseeing tours will be personalized according to your preferences and interests. It is not my intention to make you see all of the museums and sites of the city. Being your personal guide in St. Petersburg I will give you the opportunity to plan out your individual city tour according to your wishes - individual excursion programs, cultural and business events in St. Petersburg, shopping and dining, evening parties and entertainment, etc.

The history and stunning beauty of St. Petersburg constantly brings many tourists here from all over the world. Therefore lines to see the main city's attractions can be quite long.The good news is that I am actually one of the few tour guides who has a priviledge of being able to take care of this piece for my client's comfort and pleasure; so they never have to stay in lines.

The period from May to September is usually the busiest tourist season in St. Petersburg; therefore my schedule fills up very quickly. I advise you to contact me for your reservations shortly after you know your travel plans; this way we will both make sure that I have the time reserved you.

I can provide you with tickets for the most famous Russian Ballets, Operas or any kind of concert or Folk Show you want to see.
Below you will find a list of the most popular tours. Of course, I have described only some of them and if you like, I can show you many more tours.

City tour and Peter & Paul Fortress

You will get acquainted with the main architectural and historical monuments of St. Petersburg. This popular tour offers visitors the opportunity to see as much as possible in a
relatively short time. I will take you on the car 0 4b337 ec50713 XLaround the historical center of the Venice of the North. This city tour includes such sights as.

Along the way we will make several stops, where you will have the chance of viewing the sights, stretch your legs while strolling through some the famous streets and squares and take the pictures.




The state Hermitage is one of the greatest museums in the world. Founded by Catherine II, it contains the works of famous artists - Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Raphael,1 15da9332824535305e69d1ada86e9a4e
Rembrandt and Rubens, famous collection of impressionists and post impressionists. 






Peterhof, a jewel of Russian art, is a town of fountains, parks and palaces. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of Russian Emperors. It is situated 25 miles 1366022009 petergofff
down South-West right on the Gulf of Finland, about 50 minutes by car outside the center of St. Petersburg. This will give you the chance to see the southern part of the city.
We will visit the Great Palace, walk through the Gardens, genuine masterpieces of landscape design and enjoy more than 150 fountains and 4 monumental cascades. 




Pushkin or Tsarskoe selo

The town of Pushkin, which was called Tsar's Village- one of the earliest imperial residences of Russian Emperors is a fascinating monument of the world's architectural and the
gardening art. It situated some 25 miles r p 12761e1fa4ad01c73e4aa3859e4c8edfdown South St. Petersburg and it takes about 50 minutes to get there. The Catherine's Palace is one of the best examples of Russian baroque. The Palace contains exquisite decorative objects, furniture, Russian and Western-European paintings, unique collection of porcelain, amber, arms, decorative bronze, sculptures etc.
In 2003 during the celebrations of the 300 years anniversary to St. Petersburg the "Amber Room" was opened after it's restoration.   





Pavlovsk is a superb palace-and-park ensemble dating from the late 18 th century, located 27 km to the south of St. Petersburg; it is a striking example of Classicism architecture. 07
Used as a summer residence of by the Russian emperor Paul I and his family, on his death it was gifted to his wife Maria Fyodorovna who loved this residence very much and did
a lot to make Pavlovsk's palace and park even more beautiful.
The main collections in the Pavlovsky Palace were acquired after a trip by Paul and Maria around Europe in 1781-1782. They visited workshops of well-known artists, ordering and
acquiring paintings, furniture, bronze articles, silk fabrics and a lot of antique sculptures from Italy . The also brought to Russia the gifts from European royal courts.
The landscaped park, one of the largest in Europe, covers an area of 600 hectares, it was designed as an imitation of living nature and is filled with the spirit of Russia. 



Boat tour

The boat tour is a very nice, pleasant and romantic way to explore the beauty of the city. I really recommend you during your stay in St. Petersburg to take a boat tour around 6
the rivers and canals. Our city is often called the Venice of the North.
I can book a private boat for you for a small group of people and also a big boat for a group up to 15 persons.




Off the beaten track

I would be happy to take you to some places that will definitely not be on you route if you are part of a big group tour. Besides the standart tours in St. Petersburg I can offer to see the completely defferent places, to introduce you to the every day life of Russians.


The cost of services depends on tour duration and the number of persons in the group.


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