Tour to Pavlovsk

grand-palace-of-paul-i-in-pavlovskPavlovsk is a superb palace-and-park ensemble dating from the late 18 th century, located 27 km to the south of St. Petersburg; it is a striking example of Classicism architecture. Used as a summer residence of by the Russian emperor Paul I and his family, on his death it was gifted to his wife Maria Fyodorovna who loved this residence very much and did a lot to make Pavlovsk's palace and park even more beautiful.

The main collections in the Pavlovsky Palace were acquired after a trip by Paul and Maria around Europe in 1781-1782. They visited workshops of well-known artists, ordering and acquiring paintings, furniture, bronze articles, silk fabrics and a lot of antique sculptures from Italy . The also brought to Russia the gifts from European royal courts.

The landscaped park, one of the largest in Europe, covers an area of 600 hectares, it was designed as an imitation of living nature and is filled with the spirit of Russia.

Duration: 5 hrs