Peter and Paul Fortress

img st petersburg 3St. Peter and Paul Fortress, a fortification structure of the early 18th century, is one of the most outstanding historical and architectural landmarks in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Peter and Paul Fortress is considered to be the birthplace of the city and the day of its foundation, May 27, is celebrated as the birthday of St. Petersburg. The most prominent structure within the fortress is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, built by D. Trezzini. The Cathedral was conceived as a burial place of the Romanov's by Peter I.

All the Tsars starting from Peter the Great himself up to the last Russian tsar, Nicolas II, are buried here (except Peter II who died in Moscow and was buried there).

The first political prison was opened on the grounds of the fortress and was used until the Revolution in 1917. Among the prisoners held within the prison were Dostoevsky, Trotsky, Gorky and others.